CFA Level III Past Essay Exams Marking and Grading

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The Key to Passing CFA Level III is in practising the essay past exams starting today. Don’t wait till you have completed the curriculum as this may never happen!

We send you the RELEVANT actual CFA level III past essay papers- 2012 to 2018 exams (last 6 past exams), you send us your handwritten answers, we mark/grade and provide detailed advice on what candidates should work on.

Let someone independent do the grading for you - helping you pay attention to keywords, your handwriting, writing in bullet points, underlining key points etc. Besides it also saves you time - grading a single paper literally takes at least 3 hours, this is value for money!

1.Pay for all past 6 essay exams - marking/grading/feedback for only $250

2. We send you a download link of all RELEVANT past CFAI exams 

3. You scan your hand-written answers to any of the exams & email back to

4.We grade and provide valuable feedback within 48hrs

5. To encourage you to sit for all the 6 papers, we don't refund candidates if they fail to submit their script for marking.

Please note - this service is for Grading/marking past (2012 -2017) CFA® AM exams. 

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CFA Level III Past Essay Exams Marking and Grading

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